Do The Chiefs Still Have What It Takes To Make The Super Bowl?

by George on December 6, 2013

If someone would have told the Kansas City Chiefs that after ten games they would be 9-1, even management would have a hard time believing it at the start of the regular season. However, all anyone wants to talk about after the Chiefs lost their first game of the year to the Denver Broncos is how they are being exposed. The franchise is still in great position to make noise in the playoffs, but it won’t be an easy ride. Here is a look at a few things to keep an eye on during the last part of the regular season.

Perhaps their biggest weakness is that they are not a team that can play from behind. If they start off poorly, there is simply no one on the roster to bring them back in a hurry. Alex Smith has been an efficient quarterback this season, but he can’t pick apart defenses in seconds to quickly move down the field. As solid as Jamaal Charles has been in fantasy football, he can’t just rip off huge yards on the ground. A team built around playing mistake-free football and outstanding defense simply can’t afford to be down 10-0 like they were after one quarter on Sunday.

The pass defense was also exposed a little bit this Sunday, as the team was facing a truly elite quarterback for the first time in a while. During their 9-1 start to the season, the Chiefs faced a lot of backup quarterbacks that were not used to getting rid of the ball quickly. On Sunday, the Chiefs were unable to get to Peyton Manning even one time, despite the future Hall of Famer being hobbled by a sore ankle and lacking the mobility of a quarterback in his prime.

Fortunately, the Chiefs have a revenge game at their home stadium in two weeks against this very same Broncos team. It will give them an opportunity to silence their critics and get a signature win to help them get ready for a playoff run. Andy Reid will make some small changes, but unfortunately, if Denver strikes early, it could be déjà vu for the franchise.

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