NBA Finals Ambivalence

by George on June 17, 2012

Prior to the start of the NBA Finals this past week, @NBA tweeted out this photo from the cover of The Oklahoman newspaper:

NBA Finals preview from The Oklahoman newspaper

Undoubtedly, they chose their words correctly. Many predicted a Finals matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat in the preseason. Their star players, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, both led MVP-caliber campaigns and did not disappoint. The NBA Finals are, in fact, huge.

So why don’t I care?

The Thunder ran most of their opponents out of the building this year. As exciting as it is watching them play, it almost came to be expected. The Heat, on the other hand, are still battling some stigma of bleh stemming from their initial South Beach NWO formation and alliance. LeBron especially cannot shake the hatred from Joe Sports Fan after The Decision. I have even heard many Los Angeles Lakers fans actively cheering for the Boston Celtics just so they could see James and the Heat ousted. While I don’t necessarily agree with these individual power rankings, I certainly understand this “lesser of two evils” mentality.

So if you’re like me this postseason and just can’t get excited for the Finals, fear not. We can always log on to some sports betting sites and place a wager on Russell Westbrook‘s next post-game outfit.

Russell Westbrook postgame interview shirt

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