Top 5 Acts Of Baseball Fight Cowardice

by George on August 12, 2009

There’s gotta be some sort of unwritten rules regarding charging the mound in a baseball game, right? If you really feel so slighted that you wanna take it out on the offending pitcher, you gotta be ready to take on the whole team. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Sure, we’re all entertained when a player does something out of the ordinary like use his equipment to his advantage, but in the grand scheme of baseball fights, that’s just plain cowardly. Here are 5 of the biggest acts of baseball fight cowardice:

5. Kevin Youkilis Throws His Helmet

Youk looks like a pretty menacing guy but was taken down several notches by Ricky Porcello. Not only did Youkilis go for the helmet heave, but he ended up getting taken down by the pitcher anyways. Double fail.

4. Izzy Alcantara Kicks The Catcher

While this does look fairly awesome, it violates the fundamental rule of baseball fighting: you’re in it alone. Come to think of it, you really gotta be a five tool player to engage in the perfect fight. Enough speed to outrun the catcher, good arm to throw punches, good power to take out the pitcher. Obviously, Izzy lacks the speed tool.

3. Chan Ho Park Knows Karate

Some pitcher-on-pitcher action here as Chan Ho Park takes offense at the rough tag by Tim Belcher. I guess he’s not technically charging the mound, but I mean really? A jump kick to the head? The initial shove was a good beginning, but finish things off like a man. A Western, baseball-loving man.

2. Bert Campaneris Throws His Bat

This is just scary. Kinda surprising that it happened in such a high stakes game in the 1972 AL Championship Series. Did Bert even attempt to charge the mound afterwards? Or did he just say ‘Oh the hell with this, he’s not even worth charging. I’m taking him out from here.’

1. Jose Offerman Swings Away

This one reminds me of Stewie’s observations about baseball on Family Guy:

Why does that man drop his club before he runs? I would bring it with me.

Someone get the little diabolical genius a Jose Offerman jersey, pronto.

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  • adubson

    Youk shouldn't be on here. Many a batters have failed to kick ass on the mound. But he should've been bumped out of the top five because Robin Ventura broke a cardinal rule that wasn't mentioned via video; Don't get your face punched in 7 or 8 times by a 40 year old hall of fame hurler.

  • alapiana

    this is one of the moronic articles ever written. it is neither funny or insightful. are you in forth grade?

  • alapiana

    this is one of the moronic articles ever written. it is neither funny or insightful. are you in forth grade?

  • Tommyboy

    The tag by Belcher was fine but there was obvious taunting and some words exchanged that were most likely racial slurs. He also pointed in a direction to go back and sit down in the dugout or wherever which was not needed and he would not have done that with any other guy. He is the typical racist white guy (old man) jock who can't handle that MLB is becoming international but you know he most likely has a Samsung (Korean made) LED big screeen TV at home he loves. Belcher is also quoted in an interview to have said something like, “I go hunting but I don't bring my gun to the game” Is that not obvious and the only reason Park used the side kick was because it was self defense after being charged. Nevertheless, Park threw the first punch – left poke. But again, look at the source of the fight and how it was instigated. Park deservedly got the suspension for throwing the first punch but a side kick from taekwon do is a self defense move. He needs to learn nothing about America and how to handle violence considering they are the most absurdly violent countries in the world and one of the highest in domestic violence. There are teenagers who carry guns in top of their pickup trucks and people who drive with guns underneath there car seats going to a little league baseball game. Don't try to tell another culture that they should not bring a self-defense move into a game of baseball when that is less dangerous than using a bat. And why is there all this kung-fu/karate – ignorantly stereotyped in the wrong form of martial arts – to Park but not to the above guy – who kicks the catcher and then chases the pitcher.

  • Barrys27

    Campanaris was hit in the leg so he could not be a threat on the bases as much, this is common knowledge since Billy “The Kid” was Detroit's manager. Plain and simple when your foe is trying not to scare you but rather to damage your ability to retain one of your teams best assets….. The hell with taking one for the team, throw the bat!

  • Wefhwggih

    Not sure about all the details with the Chan Ho Park situation, but almost everyone who knows about this fight claims there was some racial slurs thrown at Park from Belcher and I honestly think in 21st century, this is just outrageous. Park’s actions are not justified but it’s not radical either, strictly speaking.

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  • typical racist white guy

    Park missed with the kick…
    Perhaps, he should try opening his eyes up fully next time.

  • typical write girl

    at least he had the guts to defend himself. im sure Belcher has the Homer Simpson-like beer gut now while watching the Samsung or LG TV at home.

  • Yuri Nator

    That wasn’t a side kick, that was a jumping roundhouse. They’re pretty, but not very effective in self defense. Izzy’s side kick to the face was a more practical self defense move.

  • rrttgg

    Park is the only person who claimed there were racial slurs. “Almost everyone who knows about this fight” is just regurgitating what he said. And Park barely spoke a word of English in 1999. He almost assuredly made that excuse up later on.

    Regardless of what Belcher said, attempting to kick someone withe cleats on is a ridiculous response and definitely belongs on this list.

  • rrttgg

    > He is the typical racist white guy…

    Lol and you’re not racist at all, right?