LOLtsar: Pablo Sandoval Doin’ Work

by George on July 11, 2009

Pablo Sandoval:
The epitome of all that is ‘I Can Has Cheezburger”

San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval panda homerun swing

Despite being left off the final roster for the National League for the All-Star game, Pablo continued to rake. This three-run homer provided plenty of added run support for Jonathan Sanchez, as he coasted to notch baseball’s first no hitter of the season.

Perhaps Sandoval should’ve just been playing all of his games at catcher and gotten on the All-Star team that way. He sure would’ve had a pretty big edge over Yadier Molina of all people.

I couldn’t believe my buddy Jeff’s claims about this guy before the season. No one knew who he was, but he said that he would literally be hitting .330. Dude was even sporting the jersey t-shirt before the season started. Now THAT’S commitment.

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  • jeff excell

    What can I say, it took a post about the enemy to get me to comment. Pablo is the real deal! Average, Crazy bat control, (see ball-hit ball), Developing insane power lately (almost hit the trolly last night that shit is tape measure!!), and a personality that makes reporters herd. Plus he has retarded looking braces that look funny when he yaps. Good luck keeping up in the post season my dodger-loving friend.