Jameer Nelson Will Spell Doom For Orlando

by George on June 2, 2009

Orlando Magic Jameer Nelson point guard shirtless all eyes on me tattoo

Breaking news just 2 days before the start of the NBA Finals: Jameer Nelson is coming back.

Or at least his Orlando Magic teammates say he is. Jameer, on the other hand, remains skeptical. And right fully so.

If indeed Stan Van Gundy decides to play his former starting point guard, you may as well hand the Los Angeles Lakers the championship trophy. It will be their undoing. Nelson hasn’t played since mid-February, but I suppose the logic dictates that they’ll need to throw everything they’ve got at the suddenly focused Laker squad.

In this case, logic is wrong. Dude was written off for the rest of the year. It’s called season ending surgery for a reason. Hell even in this case, where Nelson may be physically all right to play, he’s not there mentally. He’s rusty, and the game’s biggest stage isn’t the place to shake off said rust. Teams usually try to bring back injured players maybe a month before the season so they can work into game shape, mentally and physically, so they can then coast through the first round of the playoffs and hopefully be 100% when the big championship push is being made.

If this happens, Jameer has an extremely limited amount of time to work himself back. One could say up to 7 games, but he will prove to be a liability while on the court and that number will likely shrink as the Lakers take game after game because of this tactical folly.

Furthermore, what the hell does this say about team morale if the players themselves are calling him out to play? Shouldn’t they be riding high and confident at this point after upending the Cleveland Cavaliers?

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All eyes on you indeed, Jameer. D-O-O-M.

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  • WC Johnson

    A lot is assumed in this little write-up. If Nelson does come back for the Finals, no one knows how he will be used. He may come off the bench and play for a few minutes to spell Alston. Who knows? If he’s able to do only that, then that’s a positive not a negative. Also, according to reports Nelson is way ahead of his rehab schedule and has already been practicing FULL CONTACT. It’s not like he’s leaving the hospital and going straight to the arena. As for morale, I see the opposite. Nelson proved to be an All Star guard this year and apparently a great teammate. Of course the other players want him to join them in battle. He’s part of the aresenal.

  • http://sportstsar.com/ George

    One could argue that Orlando already has the edge at PG in the series, why throw him into the flow at all to disrupt that and take away from productivity?

    And I agree its good for morale, I’m just saying what does it say about current morale without Nelson if the players themselves are urging him to come back?

    It’s a decision for Jameer himself to make and not his teammates. They made it to the NBA Finals. They should be riding high right now. Calling Jameer out right as they made it to the NBA Finals is akin to talking to your pitcher who has a perfect game going into the 9th inning. No good can come of it.

  • http://kneejerknba.blogspot.com/ KneeJerkNBA

    Van Gundy should glue his ass to the bench. Giving minutes to Nelson means taking them away from Courtney Lee, who’s been really good.