Everybody Loves Kobe

by George on March 11, 2008

Even Wilt is giving it up for Kobe today.

During class, my cellular device informed me that it is officially Kobe Bryant Blog Day – as hailed by Hardwood Paroxysm. Naturally, I raced home to contribute and feed the machine (not a Vujacic reference).

I’ve gotta say, I’m fairly surprised to see the outpouring of love for the man today. Outside of Los Angeles (and hell within as well if for whatever reason you’re a Clippers fan), Kobe is a controversial and hated man. To the Laker fan, as well as general basketball aficionados (read: non-haters), Kobe defines what it means to play basketball. The Kobe haters have often befuddled me, as I see no reason not to like the player he is. However, today’s showings in the blogosphere confirm the fact that they are all merely jealous.

From the Laker fan perspective, Kurt at Forum Blue And Gold hit it dead-on:

“Sometimes I think we take you for granted. We see the pull-up three over a defender so often we don’t think twice about it. Then we watch a game on League Pass and listen to other announcers and as they marvel at that shot we forget how uncommon it is that someone can do it consistently. We take for granted the passion and love you bring to the game, then we watch another NBA game from a midwestern city between two average teams and see listless, uninspired play and effort.”

He is the league’s best player. He is your eventual 2007-08 NBA Most Valuable Player. He is Kobe Bryant. Love him.

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  • bittu

    I have been Kobe’s fan since the airballs in Utah…I have defended him thru the trial in colorado, divorce with shaq, the trade demand, making kwame better…u name it and i have had a reason for why he did on what he did (though sometimes it was just for the sake of backing your boy up, nothing more than that)…and as I found out about this kobe’s blog day, my eyes were lit up for having so much positive stuff to read about him from all the people that chew him off on regular basis…this was deam come true…but one thing I have came to realize thru reading all these blogs is that most haters dont hate him, they are just zealous that he is not on their team…it may sound too easy but thats what i have been able to get out it…

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